We use three search methods


We also identify and approach potential candidates using our expertise and experience or via our relationship network. Obviously this is done in the strictest of confidence. What is important to note here is that we know how to make them enthusiastic about your organization.

Database search

We approach many candidates from our large and up-to-date database. By continually investing in our database and following candidates in their careers, we know their strengths and weaknesses, ambitions, and management style. Because we feature strongly in interesting job openings, they want to make themselves known to us. We get to know new and promising candidates every day and continue to monitor them.


In most cases, we also advertise the vacancy on our website, social media, and possibly on job sites. Sometimes there are specific reasons to advertise in a daily newspaper or trade journal. In such a case, we integrate the advertisement in our approach and are happy to advise you on the choice of media.

Our working method



Dates, actions, and investments are recorded in a jointly agreed schedule. During a standard project, which lasts four to seven weeks, Equipe takes all the work off your shoulders, after which you make a choice from the proposed candidates based on the interviews you conduct.


Environmental and job analysis

The consultant will spend one or more morning or afternoon sessions with you to form a good impression of the working environment, context, and job profile. The culture, colleagues, and required personal profile will be discussed. The information from this job analysis, along with a job and skills profile, will be used for the advertisement and the organizational profile.


Vacancy information

We will prepare a comprehensive organizational profile containing all relevant information about the organization, position, job profile, and selection procedure and discuss this with you. Candidates use this document for their preparation. The time schedule is also described in it.



The organizational profile contributes towards proper preparation for the interview at Equipe. And that is necessary because our interviews dig deeper than most: during a session lasting up to two hours, our consultant gains a thorough understanding of a candidate’s capacities, wishes, and ambition.


Candidate’s file

An anonymized file is created for everyone who wishes to have Equipe act as their intermediary, containing their personal details, educational background, career, career orientation, ambition, and motivation for taking a new step.



The personal data of candidates is saved and managed, completely in line with privacy legislation, only after explicit individual consent has been obtained.


Presentation of candidate details

Anonymized candidates’ files are sent to a client only with the ‘prior knowledge and consent’ of the candidates concerned. Equipe is responsible for following up file details at the client and giving feedback to candidates. After selection, the consultant presents the details ‘on the table’ to the client.


Transparency of actions

During the presentation of candidates’ details, the client is given an overview of all actions that have been taken to arrive at the given result and insight into how the resources used have worked.


Support during the procedure

Both the client and candidate are given careful support during the process. Equipe coordinates the appointments and arranges for mutual feedback from the interviews at the client. If required, we can also sit in on selection interviews at the client. During finalization, we help broker the terms of employment so the last phase of the process also runs smoothly.

Want to learn more?

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